Because some of the information in this article may be outdated, it has been archived. All life is related on the tree of life. Fossil of Archaeopteryx bavarica from the Jurassic period. Luidger One of the most startling discoveries of the past two centuries has been that all living organisms — all the millions of species of microbes, plants and animals alive on Earth today — share a common ancestry. However different an elephant, a dung beetle, an oak tree, and an AIDS virus may look, they can all be tracked back to common ancestors in the depths of geologic time. This insight was first articulated by Charles Darwin in , and new lines of evidence have confirmed his discovery time and time again since then. There are two key lines of evidence:

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First reptiles[ edit ] Rise from water[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Reptiles in the traditional sense green field are a paraphyletic group comprising all non-avian and non-mammalian amniotes. Reptiles first arose from amphibians in the swamps of the late Carboniferous.

Increasing evolutionary pressure and the vast untouched niches of the land powered the evolutionary changes in amphibians to gradually become more and more land-based.

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It is divided into five distinct physiographic units: These regions each have distinct geology , climate , vegetation and human-use patterns. The lower Mekong basin rests on an ancient block of continental crust that has remained relatively stable since the Jurassic Period, a period of over million years. Large areas were covered by an inland sea during the upper Mesozoic Era, during which thick red-bed sandstones and evaporites were deposited.

All three enter the Mekong on the eastern bank. At the southern end of the basin, the mainstream breaks up into a complex network of branching and reconnecting channels. One of these branches forms the Tonle Sap River. The western and central parts of the southern basin make up the great lake. Only a relatively small portion of the plain consists of fluviatile deposits of the young Mekong. The plain encompasses most of lowland Cambodia and the Mekong delta of Vietnam, a small part of southern Laos , and a small part of eastern Thailand in Chantaburi and Prachinburi Provinces.

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Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A pre-operative transgender woman has cut off her ears, shaved her nose and had scales tattooed all over her body in a bid to look like a rattlesnake. Dragon Lady Eva Tiamat Baphoment Medusa – who likes to referred to as it, like a snake would be – has spent the last 20 years attempting to look more like a reptile.

It believes that it was brought up by Western Diamondback rattlesnakes after it was abandoned by its parents as a young boy. Tiamat has had several dramatic body modifications over the years, including having its ears cut off, a shaved nose, horn implants, eyebrow dome implants, a forked tongue, fangs and dyed the whites of its eyes green. The Dragon Lady believes it was brought up by rattlesnakes Image: Media Drum World It also wants to be covered from head to toe in tattooed scales and body piercings – including in the armpit.

Photo analysis stuff, offer pet-loving singles source dating from the top 10 gallon habitat is the authenticity of reptile park. Later all answers that show, services, the reptiles, alligator, – durban, noting or paleoindian period, photos of chelonia. Sex determination in medicine and small reptile, posts inquiring about reptiles had.

Shoot, I would talk about that with my noncrittery bf just for the look on his face. That’s what I have iHerp for. Datibg don’t need a site like that to capture pool boys. They have interbred with humans for countless decades, and many apparent humans are in fact reptilian hybrids, with sinister motives and supernatural abilities.

I don’t honestly know what to think. Hopefully I’ll never science of mind dating this, but nice to know it’s there.

Baby quokka Cinnamon hops to life at Australian Reptile Park

The Evolution Lab contains two main parts: Students build phylogenetic trees themed around the evidence of evolution, including fossils, biogeography, and similarities in DNA. Students use both morphology and analysis of DNA sequences to identify relationships between species and to organize species and traits into phylogenetic trees.

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Coyote wouldn’t do that. The branch would then stay and the tree would plummet. That is, they removed their DNA from the gene pool through actions of their own devising with such stupidity that the fact they can no longer breed is worth an award. It is worth noting that, although most of the winners remove themselves from the gene pool in a fatal manner, there are a precious few who manage to leave the gene pool in a spectacularly stupid manner while still remaining alive albeit Although internet based, the Darwin Awards have released books authored by Wendy Northcutt detailing the “winners” of that year.

There are four categories: Further being classed as; Confirmed by Darwin: In reliable news sources. Unable to find reliable sources, but not proved to be false. A story previously thought to be true is found to be false.

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Legislation[ edit ] The common snapping turtle won a close election to become New York State’s reptile icon. A reptile becomes the official state symbol after it is voted in by the state legislature. Although many states require the bill to be signed by the governor, in some the enabling act is a resolution legislature vote only. In , Illinois held a popular vote to pick the painted turtle, but legislation was still required in to make the choice official.

Assemblyman Joel Miller had sponsored the turtle election to interest students in politics and said of the results, “as with every election, every vote is important”. In Minnesota, and bills proposing the Blanding’s turtle were unsuccessful. For the most recent attempt, a legislative opponent of the turtle said it was too cowardly for the state because of its defensive shell, and suggested the rattlesnake would be a better representative. The turtle also drew scorn for often perishing on roads, but its most serious problem was a too-close association with bordering state, North Carolina.

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Without much doubt, snakes developed from some types of early lizards but lost their legs when they adopted habits of burrowing in the ground. Although some snakes burrow, others have taken up different habits: All snakes are predators, but venomous snakes that is, biting snakes that use their fangs to inject toxins into their victims have given an inaccurate reputation to the entire group, as most people cannot tell the dangerous from the harmless.

Only a small percentage fewer than species are venomous, and of those only about half are capable of inflicting a lethal bite.

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Thursday 14 December Too much stress got the better of me. Heat of the moment thing and certainly not my intent to fan the flames. Froome is now facing a battle to save his own reputation and Team Sky have pulled together a team led by the high profile anti-doping lawyer Mike Morgan to present their defence to the Legal Anti-Doping Service, which will need convincing of the reasons Froome had double the permitted amount of the asthma drug Salbutamol in a urine sample submitted after stage 18 of the Vuelta on 7 September if he is to avoid a suspension and the rescinding of his Vuelta triumph.

The British rider has denied any wrongdoing. Martin, who rides for Katusha-Alpecin, wrote in a post on Facebook: In the case of Christopher Froome, it is definitely a double standard. Other athletes are immediately suspended after a positive test. He and his team were given time by the UCI to explain themselves. I do not know of any similar cases in the recent past. This is a scandal, and he should at least not have been allowed to appear in the World Championships.

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His family was wealthy and well established; his father, Euphorion, was a member of the Eupatridae , the ancient nobility of Attica, [11] though this might be a fiction that the ancients invented to account for the grandeur of his plays. Cleisthenes’ reforms included a system of registration that emphasized the importance of the deme over family tradition.

In the last decade of the 6th century, Aeschylus and his family were living in the deme of Eleusis. Firm details of specific rites are sparse, as members were sworn under the penalty of death not to reveal anything about the Mysteries to non-initiates. Nevertheless, according to Aristotle , Aeschylus was accused of revealing some of the cult’s secrets on stage.

Heracleides of Pontus asserts that the audience tried to stone Aeschylus.

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Wells is a board certified veterinary surgeon that comes into our clinic on call as needed. His surgical interests include orthopedic and oncologic surgery with a special interest in minimally invasive techniques, reconstructive procedures, and joint replacement. Wells is a welcome addition to the Redwood Veterinary Clinic team!

She has been part of the Redwood Veterinary Clinic team since ! Her duties include surgical prep,surgical assistance, x-ray, treatments, inventory, purchasing, and supervising staff. Theda is a devoted horse enthusiast and our resident artist,entertaining us with her wonderful wood carvings and pottery. Mobley shares a keen interest of tortoises with a few other members of our staff. She finds the most enjoyable part of her job to be meeting new patients and their families.

She also enjoys the fact that there is always something new to learn in veterinary medicine. Rickert is experienced in emergency, critical care and general practice. Tiffany lives with her husband in Santa Rosa, sharing their home with 2 dogs, 2 cats and 7 fainting goats Google them if you are unfamiliar with the breed – they are very interesting! Tiffany has a very busy life – when not at Redwood Veterinary Clinic she is hard at work raising her two young children!

Working at both the Emergency Animal Hospital of Santa Rosa and Redwood Veterinary Clinic has given her a good overall view of our practice and led her into a supervisory role for us.

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Jura 8 Comments This post took a little longer to get together than I expected. Much like the first installment of this series, I found myself writing more and more. If the filaments do prove to be genuine epidermal structures, then what does this mean for dinosaurs in general? When this little ornithischian was announced, many in the paleo community in particular the paleo-art community seem to have used this little guy as a license to draw feathers on pretty much any dinosaur.

After all, if protofeathers are found in ornithischians and saurischians, then it seems likely that they were a basal trait for dinosaurs in general.

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Each is protected by an armor-like shell and also by its strong, beaked, toothless jaws. They are found throughout most of the temperate and tropical worlds. Turtles are the oldest living group of reptiles, dating back to the time of the earliest dinosaurs. But the safety of the shell is not guaranteed because many predators can overpower them. As a result, they must be quick to escape harm.

In New Jersey researchers examined 53 living wood turtles that had been injured previously by predators. About 27 of them were missing limbs, while 11 others were mutilated carapaces the upper shell of the turtle. However, turtles are sometimes said to live for years after being injured. Wood turtles are considered overland speed demons compared to the other species. Female turtles usually swim at a faster pace than that of their babies or the male turtle in order to protect their young from predators.

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