Street Fighter 4 online match making? Sup guys, Haven’t posted over here in a while, just dropping by to post about what’s on my mind these days, and that’s the awfully unbalanced online matchmaking system of SSF4. Here’s a quick rundown of how a match gets set up on SSF4. You can either host your own game, or you can chose to automatically join a game someone else is hosting. Once you join a game, you find yourself in the game lobby where you can check the other guy’s disconnect rate and he can check yours. You can also check out their online profiles, achievements and stuff like that.

[Buffalo, NY] How’d we get to be so S-RANK?

Here are some factors that can decrease your quality of network service:. Other team proceeds to roflstomp your teammates, who don’t know how to aim, shoot, cap flags, and you lose whilst going with 7 caps and about 20 defends. Sound off regarding your connectivity issues and a fix if you know of them.

May 16,  · The Update Kit will allow vanilla SSF4 players to participate in matchmaking with Arcade Edition owners and will also allow them to spectate Arcade Edition matches.

I could count my high school friends on one hand — possibly because i wore headphones through the majority of my senior year. Yet somehow my phonebook filled up to a hundred names just for being an SHGL arcade regular. I still expect to run into at least fifty of these people every year i can make it out to Evo or any other major community event. Introduce yourself to everyone there, ask questions when you need to, and most importantly, step up and play your best regardless of your skill level.

Think big picture, not short-term. Learn as much as you can from watching everyone around you. Set realistic goals for yourself and tackle them step by step. Every night, try to identify one troublesome tactic he relies on and find a practical counter for it. The last thing you want to do is alienate someone for being too good. Then there will be times when you end up playing the same guy thirty matches in a row.

The mood is bound to get tense at least once during that period. Another approach to these marathon sessions is to play your main character for five or so matches, then switch off to some random oddball character for one match.

Official Matchmaking Thread

Beta codes are in your ShackMessage inboxes. Thanks to all who entered! Shacknews has ten 10 early access Gears of War 3 beta codes available today and we want to get them out to our loyal readers.

SSF4 adds a bevy of historical, new and differentiated characters to the core game, in addition to online options that addresses the many issues of its predecessor.

July 10, Interview: Phoenix Online Studios Talks King’s Quest Sequel, What’s Next [Our own Leigh Alexander talks to Phoenix Online Studios about what they’ve been through with their long-awaited King’s Quest fan sequel — and what the team hopes to do next now that they’ve gotten permission from Activision to release their work. The Silver Lining for free. Starting in the early 80s, the multi-volume Sierra property was an intro to gaming for many of today’s fans.

But as Sierra was bought by Vivendi, which was in turn swallowed by Activision — and as the tide shifted away from the genre in favor of action titles — the series’ ninth installment never quite saw the light of day. But fans wouldn’t be stopped. He’s now director of Phoenix Online Studios and producer on The Silver Lining, but years ago, he was just another fan searching the web for news on King’s Quest IX — which was ultimately canceled in the prototype phase, leaving devotees hanging.

So when Bittar, who has a digital media degree, stumbled on a page seeking writers, programmers and artists, he decided to join the informal team as a writer, lending expertise from his background working with Telltale Games and with Activision as a producer.

[Louisiana] alligators, hurricanes, and POPEYES CHICKEN!!!1!

April 9, I only play Street Fighter for fun, so this game will be rated from the perspective of an average gamer who also plays other genres such as Call of Duty, but it won’t bias this rating. When I first heard of their announcement last year, I was excited about this game since MvC3 was a total broken mess, especially UMvC3. Once I picked up the game and started playing it, it was nothing new, especially the way the characters from the Street Fighter side looked.

All the Street Fighter characters looked and played the exact same as they did in SSF4, but with a few rebalancing done on them to support the juggling system.

For Super Street Fighter IV on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Matchmaking options”.

Back to Top Post by jongoo on May 17, I use FeiLong exclusively on ranked. Though if you see my Sagat, he’ll have a ridiculous BP since my friend comes over and plays as him and he’s godly at the game. I played 3rd strike but not nearly as much. Although lately, I’m feeling as though I invested my time in the wrong SF, there’s something just so cool about 3rd Strike. I think it’s still the pinnacle of 2D.

While others have surpassed it in resolution, animation-wise, it’s still the best. That was the first time I played it online and my only complaint was that it got choppy at times, I see now where the critics of GGPO are comin from. After that session, I’m liking Makoto and Yang.

SSF4 AE sur PC : des précisions

With a list of accolades that would put any ‘achievement hound’ to shame; Justin Wong has been world champion of some of the genre’s most competitive fighting games. Keen to speak with one of Earthrealm’s chosen fighters, Mortal Kombat Online probed the Supreme Kombat Champion [pictured in mortal form, right] for his thoughts on the burgeoning MK tournament scene, and what he has observed from the revamped gameplay engine.

What was your first introduction to MK as a series? I definitely did not know what I was doing at all at the time, and I picked Sub-Zero because my favorite color was blue. What are some of the high and low points you’ve observed as the series has evolved? I didn’t think much of it when I was young at all, but ever since MK9 came out, I took it as a new game and just had to figure out the mechanics and try to use my experience in fighting games to adapt.

Jun 12,  · Southwest SSF4: AE Online League. Regional Matchmaking. Southwest. Also, I like the team idea. As with the singles, I need to sit down and figure out a matchmaking system that would work with this. If anyone else has ANY tips for getting this off of the ground, let me know! I want to make this big and something for the players in this area.

Chris it’s hard enough for me to learn Hilde, idk, but I can’t use her for some reason. I’m gonna try out Voldo and look at his combos and match ups. I mean I know you are too but I would really like to change who I’m learning to someone different. Yeah don’t worry about it too much, just think about her in terms of when she can and can’t do certain moves.

You have to know to step to her sword hand, and you have to be able to identify when she does any A moves, and know that you have 3 seconds before a C3A can come out. Her other charge A’s are still ok, but they’re not doom combos. You just need to avoid the doom combo. If you throw her, reset your mental clock and give yourself those 3 seconds again, gotta be like a QB in football and keep a mental clock of how long you have before C3A can come in and sack your ass lol. Of course if you connect with the throw, forget about that as she can do C3A immediately.

But if she breaks A, she’s gotta recharge. Feed her a steady diet of A grabs, mix in your B grabs of course, but look to sidestep after making her break A.

Good 1v1 competitive game? (That isn’t Starcraft)

Hebus San on October 22, , Enfin qui n’existent pas avant que lui les fasse. Wong on October 22, , Bazart on October 22, , Bodom on October 22, , Akva on October 22, ,

SSF4:AE Edition is the most balanced of all the games in the SF4 series. At Evo , 15 of the top 16 players used unique characters (only Cammy appeared twice). Don’t think that it’s too late to get into this game; AE will be staying a tournament game staple, as this game is still in its stages of growth.

Donc t’as le droit de pirater un MMO puisqu’ils t’imposent de jouer en ligne? Et puis t’as le droit de pirater The Witcher 2 aussi, les salaud t’empechent de jouer en ligne. C’est vraiment juste essayer de trouver un argument pour justifier le piratage Et c’en est la preuve Voila, on en revient exactement a ce que je disais Apres tout, je ne joues que sur console, ils n’avaient qu’a le sortir la dessus.

Why do you think DOA5 is a good game?

Whilst everyone will be able to recognize the title of the most famous fighting games, I feel that many people will associate them with low level play button mashing. I hate this association. When I suggest playing fighting games such as Street Fighter to my friends, the majority will say no and shrug it off as a button mashing luck-fest and instead opt to play FIFA or a side scrolling beat ’em up.

To me, fighting games are about skill, knowledge and execution.

Ancien joueur de SSF4 (Claw), UMVC3 (Spiderman / Dr Doom / Dormamu), Blazblue Je reviens dans le VS Fighting sur Dragon Ball FighterZ! Ma team est: Ultimat.

Every once in a while I’ll pick up a game and review it. Thursday, May 5, Mortal Kombat Review! What do you do when a beloved franchise has gone completely off the rails and basically forgets what made it fun originally? And while Midway couldn’t live up to see this game to the light of day, NetherRealm has stepped up with Ed Boon at the helm. While the concept of taking a franchise “back to it’s roots” isn’t exactly original, Mortal Kombat does it better than almost any other reboot, and caters to basically every kind of Mortal Kombat fan, whether you were crammed in an arcade playing Mortal Kombat II, or for some reason, playing Deception on your PS2.

This is the MK to end all MK’s, plain and simple. The story is literally perfect for a reboot.


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